Friday, June 13, 2008

Be A Master of Something (Lessons from the Dog Whisperer)

Yesterday I watched a highly entertaining television program called The Dog Whisperer. The star of the show is Cesar Millan, a man who has extraordinary mastery in rehabilitating behaviorally-challenged canines.

Cesar Millan Had A Goal to Be World's Greatest Dog Trainer
Cesar’s life goal was to be the world’s greatest dog trainer, and what is so evident is that Cesar just loves dogs. He just loves what he is doing. And it is a pleasure to watch him do what he does so well.

Try to Do Something You Love
Now, this makes me think we should all try to be doing something we love. When we do something we love, time stands still and we become very focused and very energized. And this is when we can really become good at something, become a master of something.

If It Can't Be Your Job, Do Something You Love as A Hobby
If we can’t find that exact job that allows us to work at something we love, then we should take up a hobby or avocation that is something we love. In fact, many times a hobby can actually turn into a successful business or career.

Pour A Lot of Energy into One Thing
For me, being the best at one thing is a little challenging because I have so many interests and have had so many different facets of my career. But after seeing The Dog Whisperer, I think there is something to be said for narrowing one’s focus and pouring a lot of energy into one area.

My Focus to Learn How to Use the Internet
Actually, one area where I have poured a lot of my energy is learning how to use the Internet. Way back in the early days of the Internet (1995), I started building commercial web sites and doing online marketing. Since that time, I have probably logged well over 200,000 hours online and have read hundreds of books about all aspects of working with the Internet. I have led workshops, given speeches and consulted with numerous individuals, businesses and organizations to help them best use the Internet.

My Desire to Use the Internet
When I started using the Internet, I wasn’t really thinking about trying to gain mastery with it. I just know that I loved it and had a strong desire to get better and better at using it as a powerful tool and to help others to do the same.

Master Something and People Will Notice
To become really, really good at something, you will need to invest a great deal of energy. That energy creates a strong forcefield that radiates out to others, to the community and to the world. This is a powerful force and you can use this energy to attract like energy. This is the principal of the Law of Attraction.

Master of the Internet
Recently I had an experience that helped me to clarify a goal for my life. A book was published titled "Online Marketing Heroes: Interviews with 25 Successful Online Marketing Gurus." I was featured in this book and the book's recognition for my work made me realize that although I had not started out with a conscious goal of becoming a master of the Internet, my passion and love for the Internet had led me down a road of mastery.

Doing What You Love or What Interests You Can Lead to Mastery
What are your interests? What are your passions? You might have to try several things before you discover this, however, when you really connect with something you love, try to make time in your life to do that thing.

Become A Master
Mother Teresa said it is not what we do, but the love we put into something we do, that really counts. Find something you love, do it and become a master.


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The Dog Whisperer is on the National Geographic Channel